The unique methodology (accompanied by software), which allows you to create your own Model of Self-management


What is Self-management?


F rom the Eo ipso Center, based on Dr. Ravier's research, self-management is understood as

...the internal order system of an organization (or part of it) based on decentralization and/or distribution of decision-making among its members, based on the polycentric coordination of individual commitments linked to operational purposes and contributions that respond to the purpose and raison d'être of that organization. (Definition by Dr. Ravier)


Based on his doctoral research in economics, where he described the principles of the Praxeological Theory of the Firm (Enterprise), and his subsequent research on Self-management (2020, Profit Editorial) in particular, Dr. Ravier not only articulated the Guiding Principles, Master Practices and Primary Attitudes of Self-management (Theoretical Self-Management Framework), but also created a meta-model called the Self-management Model Canvas, through which any organization, regardless of its size, industry or culture, can design its own self-management model. In addition, together with the company Avance Profesional, he has designed the first software (Self-management Software) that allows and facilitates the implementation of such models.

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Eo ipso Center has a coherent integration between Principles, Practices, Tools and Software that allow you to create real and efficient self-management systems.


Theoretical Framework of Self-management


O n the basis of the Praxeological Theory of the Firm, in the first instance, and on the field research work of other authors (e.g.Carney & Getz, Laloux, Green, Hsieh, Kirkpatrick, Purser, Robertson, Semler or Vermeer & Wenting) who have worked on practices that follow successful self-managed companies in different parts of the world, Dr. Ravier articulated and systematized (1) the Guiding Principles, (2) Master Practices and (3) Primary Attitudes of self-management. In other words, those fundamental and essential aspects without which self-management is not possible, and which, in one way or another, are present in all self-management models that exist today.

This Theoretical Framework is synthesized in the following image:


Self-management Model Canvas


F or implement self-management, whether in a team, area or an entire organization, Dr. Ravier created the Self-management Model Canvas meta-model, which serves as a map or guide through which it is possible to design your own self-management model.

Through the Self-management Model Canvas it is possible to link the different components that are part of any Self-management model. These are:

(1) The General Framework (or "game rules"), which sets out the purpose of the organization, area or team, describes the application of the guiding principles, as well as the master practices, primary attitudes and decision-making system,

(2) The areas or teams to be self-managed are analysed (i.e. whether it will be a partial area of the organisation or the whole company), who makes up these areas or teams, and the necessary information and metrics are established, as well as the updated access system to them,

(3) A polycentric coordination system of commitments is designed and implemented, and

(4) The monitoring system is defined (self-evaluation of each member, evaluation of the self-managed system itself and interevaluation of peer commitments).

This meta-model is represented in the following image (canvas):


Self-management Software


D r. Ravier is the ideologue of the first software that facilitates the creation and implementation of self-management in organizations: the Self-management Software.

The software is a fundamental tool for shaping the backbone of any self-management system, namely: the polycentric commitment coordination system. This software is the only one that allows you to design and implement your own self-management model with all the necessary guarantees for a successful transition or implementation from scratch.

The software is based on Dr. Ravier's articulation in "Self-management. How to Implement Organizational Self-management Using the Canvas Model" (2020), and the architecture and development of the same was carried out by the Mexican company Avance Profesional. You can visit the Self-management Software website here:

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    The Endorsed Facilitators and Certified Professionals at Eo ipso Center master the Theoretical Framework, the Self-management Model Canvas and the Sefl-management Software. Therefore, they are a guarantee to accompany you in the design and implementation of the same in your organization.