Unique Scientific-Professional Guarantee Center of Coaching and Self-management

Three key questions to understand what we do

1 What is Eo ipso Center?
We fulfil three functions: (1) We are an incubator for Facilitators, (2) We are a certifier of Professionals and (3) We are an auditor of Implementation proposals of coaching and self-management on a scientific and professional basis.
2 Who is it for?
  1. Professionals interested in disseminating (as endorsed facilitators) and/or practicing (as certified professionals) both coaching and self-management with excellence, rigor and commitment, mastering with true mastery the "scientific-professional framework".
  2. To clients (individuals, teams or organizations) looking for solid guarantees in the implementation of coaching and/or self-management from real experts.
3 What does Eo ipso Center give you?

Some of the benefits are:
(1) To have the unique scientific-professional endorsement in the coaching and self-management market,
(2) To guaranteethe client (whether individual or company) a provision of qualityservice that are truly distinguished from other existing offers in the market, with the option of having externally audited proposals,
(3) To have, in the case of the "Endorsed Facilitators", the free use of the work carried out by Dr. Ravier, to be able to educate or train others either of the tow disciplines, and 
(4) Sense of contribution in the dissemination of these ideas and practices, adding the possibility of perfecting them or extending them to new fields of human action that have not yet been explored.

Basis of our proposal

T he studies, research and practices proposed by Dr. Ravier have shown the importance of recognizing and rescuing the truths, essences and principles that make up the disciplines of coaching and self-management, and thus bring them to a coherent systematization that accounts for the true value that both can bring to individuals, organizations and society in general.

Dr. Ravier has progressively shown these aspects in several of his works. Among them, his two doctoral theses in Psychology (2021, UAM) and Economics (2015, URJC), where he has systematized both the "General Theory of Coaching" and the "Praxeological Theory of the Firm", and coined the area of study of"Synergasia", and which, together with his latest publication "Self-management" (2020, Profit Editorial), give an account of the Scientific-Professional Foundations of coaching and self-management respectively.

Dr. Ravier's Eo ipso Centerrecruits, prepares and accompanies future "Endorsed Facilitators" or "Certified Professionals", so that these scientific-professional ideas are well understood, highly diffused, duly applied in the services provided by these professionals, and correctly extended to other fields of human action.

In turn, Eo ipso Center is a source of useful and efficient resources for all types of clients (individuals, teams or organizations) when it comes to implementing or accompanying coaching or self-management or offering training and workshop (open and in situ) on these topics.

In this way, only the "Endorsed Facilitators" and "Certified Professionals" listed on the website of Eo ipso Centerare those who are officially recognized for the dissemination and practice of the art and science of coaching and self-management in the established terms.

Do you want to know more about the Scientific-Professional Framework of Coaching and Self-Management?

Scientific-Professional Framework of Coaching Scientific-Professional Framework of Self-management