Frequent questions

About us

1What is the Eo ipso Center?
It is the only Scientific-Professional Guarantee Center for coaching and self-management oriented to professionals and clients.
2Why "coaching" and "self-management"?
Because both disciplines are intrinsically related and complement each other as they have emerged under the essence of the same paradigm based on the human need for self-learning, self-management, self-regulation and/or self-organisation.
3What does the work of the Eo ipso Center consist of?
It consists, on the one hand, in recruiting and preparing people committed to the scientific-professional foundations of coaching and/or self-management, and providing them with the resources created by Dr. Ravier to exercise their professional functions, and on the other hand, in offering guarantees of implementation and accompaniment to the client (whether at the individual, team or organization level).

About our work as an incubator

1What is an "Endorsed Facilitator"?
A professional who has mastered the scientific-professional fundamentals of the discipline of coaching or self-management and is prepared to teach it to others.
2Why is the figure of the "Endorsed Facilitator" important?
Because he is the only professional that the Eo ipso Center recognises as capable and qualified to teach the scientific-professional foundations of the disciplines of coaching and self-management.
3What are the requirements to become an "Endorsed Facilitator"?
Only those who, having been trained and certified as professionals under the standards of the Eo ipso Center, have demonstrated the ability and competence to train others and to correctly disseminate the standards of scientific-professional guarantee of coaching and/or self-management in their professional work, can be "Endorsed Facilitators".

About our certification work

1What is a 'Certified Professional'?
A professional who has mastered and is prepared to apply the scientific-professional fundamentals in his or her professional practice.
2Why is the figure of the 'Certified Professional' important?
Because he or her offers theoretical, practical and ethical guarantees to the end consumer (whether an individual or a company) in their professional practice.
3What are the requirements to become a 'Certified Professional'?
1. To be trained under the tutelage of an "Endorsed Facilitator" and submit the corresponding diploma that accredits it.

2. Pass the theoretical examination of the scientific-professional foundations of the discipline.

3. Demonstrate mastery of the practical application of said fundamentals in the professional practice with real clients that can be referenced for such purpose.

4. Commit to the quality standards established by Eo ipso Center in the practice of the profession.

4How much does it cost to be a 'Certified Professional'?
A one-time payment of 495 € + VAT.

About our audit work

1What does the audit consist of?
It consists of verifying that the implementation proposals offered by the Certified Professionals meet the necessary requirements to guarantee the maximum possible suitability with respect to the context and needs of the end consumer (whether individual, team or company). All proposals audited by Eo ipso Center are stamped, signed and dated.
2Who can request an audit?
It is an optional and exclusive service for Eo ipso Center Certified Professionals.
3How much does the audit cost?
The audit is free of charge. However, if the audited proposal is contracted and paid for by the end consumer, the "Certified Professional" agrees to pay Eo ipso Center 5% + VAT of the invoice issued to that customer for the "audit".