Endorsed Facilitators

What is an Endorsed Facilitator?

It is the professional endorsed by the Eo ipso Center who masters the scientific-professional fundamentals of the discipline of coaching and/or self-management
and is not only prepared to offer his professional services to the final client, but also has the capacity and proven ability to train professionals in these disciplines.

Daniel Becerra Ortega

Facilitador Avalado en Coaching y Self-management

Residence: SPAIN
Being a facilitator and professional endorsed by Dr. Leonardo Ravier's Eo ipso Center means much more than obtaining a certification. It is a continuous process of genuine and personalized mentoring, focused on learning and interest in solving real problems and needs of individuals and organizations... See more
Being an Endorsed Facilitator and Certified Professional by Eo Ipso Center is a guarantee of professionalism and transparency in the exciting service of helping individuals or organisations to develop their potential to be happier and more productive.

Jaime Molins

Facilitador Avalado en Coaching

Residence: MEXICO
Passionate, committed and proud disseminator of the General Theory of Coaching. Expert, specialist, pioneer and researcher with more than 12 years of experience and thousands of hours in individual and group sessions at all levels, from organizational, family, sports and educational... See more
We guarantee to execute from the only style of accompaniment that solidly honours the paradigm that evolution demands of us: to generate knowledge from the inside out.

Luis Piza

Facilitador Avalado en Coaching

Residence: MEXICO
PhD Candidate in Management and Innovation of Institutions.
Master in Communication and Digital Media.
Master in Public Communication... See more
My passion for coaching stems from discovering the power of non-directivity in generating learning. [...] In the "gymnasium" of training, the only effective "apparatus" for developing soft skills is called non-transfer or non-directive coaching.

Gastón Fau

Facilitador Avalado en Coaching y Self-management

+34 679972776

Residence: SPAIN
Teaching is my passion, performance is my drive, knowledge is my focused, organizations, sports teams and people are my target, your learning is my purpose, watching you grow is my motivation, coaching and self-management are my methods, giving you my best in my commitment, you are my goal... See more
My mission statement at the Eo ipso Center is to spread the seed of the scientific-professional coaching and self-management approaches to make them both an inherent part of the human action and interaction with others.

Ángel Calderón García

Facilitador en Coaching y Self-management

Residence: MEXICO
In 2007 I was practicing Industrial Engineering with Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma projects. My life changed since 2017 when I got to know non-directivity, which has become my passion and profession, as I currently dedicate my professional life to bring non-directivity to the business world with organisational self-management and coaching.... See +
My purpose is to bring Self-Management to the organisational world, as I consider it the only way to raise the levels of professional performance and personal satisfaction. Having the endorsement of the Eo Ipso Center implies coherence and guarantee.