Founder of the Eo ipso Center


Dr. Leonardo Ravier

Doctor in Economics (URJC) and Psychology (UAM).

Leonardo Ravier (Buenos Aires, 1976) holds a PhD in Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and in Economics from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC). He is a guest university lecturer, coaching pioneer, international speaker, entrepreneur and author of several books, including "General Theory of Coaching" (2021), "Self-management. How to Implement Organizational Self-management Using the Canvas Model" (2020), "Non Directive Coaching. Methodology and Practice" (2016), "Economic History of Entrepreneurship. Towards a Praxeological Theory of the Firm" (2016) or "Art and Science of Coaching. Its History, Philosophy and Essence" (2005).

Founder of the Eo ipso Center, incubator of facilitators, certifier of professionals and auditor of proposals within the disciplines of Coaching and Self-management.

- He developed both the systematization of the methodological framework and the articulation of the General Theory of Coaching, understanding it as the only methodology to help catalyze the internal dynamics of the operative and singular engendering of people, based on their non-transferring or non-directive essence.

- Articulated and developed a method, meta-model and its own dynamics that facilitates that the business or organizational management is oriented towards a self-directed or self-managed mode (self-management) in the search for the maximum possible efficiency in the VUCA environment in which they act and compete today.